One of Petrobras projects is to find alternatives for reducing consumption, reuse and recycling to valorize the responsible use of water in its units.

Capuava Refinery (Recap), in Mauá, São Paulo State, is the company’s first plant with zero effluent discharge. Its water reuse station was launched in 2008 and all effluent is reused for industrial purposes by other local companies. Thus, water collection from the source is reduced by 880,000 m3 a year.

Another three units of the company are developing projects involving the use of advanced technology, which will allow an annual saving of approximately 8 million m3 of water.


From the collection basin built on the banks of the Tamanduateí River, the water is pumped to the two reservoirs and from there to the Water Treatment Plants (ETA).

In reservoir I, used for the refinery’s operations, the water is treated and later sent to reservoir II, which supplies the Petrochemical Complex of the Greater Metropolitan Area of São Paulo. The treatment include use of carbon filters, aluminum sulfate, decanting and reverse osmosis.

After going through the ETA and being used in the refining processes, the effluent water is treated in the Industrial Waste Treatment Plant (ETDI), from where it was discharged back into the Tamanduateí River.

However, the start of the operations of the Water Reuse Station (ERA) stopped such outflow into the Tamanduateí River, since the industrial effluent processed in the ETDI now goes for new treatment, which makes the water fit for industrial consumption of other companies in the Capuava Petrochemical Complex.

Recap is the most modern refinery of Petrobras in the processing of petroleum waste, to the extent that it even further optimizes byproduct production. There are reduced expenses on raw material and, as a result, the environmental impacts diminish with the reuse of water, which does not discharge toxic and pollutant substances into the river.

The unit handles the production of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), propene, gasoline, diesel oil and solvent.